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Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied patients.  We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care.

I had worn glasses from my early teens, but had never been comfortable with them. I switched to contact lenses in my late twenties, when I could no longer see the far end of a football pitch clearly towards the end of games in the late Autumn and Winter!

I was always quite comfortable with contact lenses, but by last year, I was struggling even with my these, as I was at that stage when bifocal vision was plaguing me. I was prescribed varifocal glasses, but just couldn’t get on with them – I seemed always to be looking through the wrong part of the lens!

So, it was time to look at an alternative, so I had a consultation with Mr Habib. I was assured that I was a ‘suitable case for treatment’, but it was pointed out to me that with astigmatism in both eyes, and varifocals now the order of the day, I might need reading glasses and glasses to drive at night, following surgery, should I go ahead with it. However, with the prospect of being free of both glasses and contact lenses, for probably 90% of the time, for the first time in something like 40 years, I decided it was worth going ahead.

Surgery took place in mid July. I was looked after superbly on arrival (and at al times throughout the morning) at the Nuffield Hospital in Plymouth - probably far more fuss than I needed, in fact! – and was taken down for surgery, where I was offered music if I wanted it, and looked after by the nursing staff, whilst Mr Habib prepared. Every aspect of the procedure was explained to me, and I was made to feel very relaxed and completely ready for what was to follow. Except that it was all over in a few minutes, and once again I was left wondering what all the fuss was about!

Furthermore, as soon as I sat up, I was able to see clearly, without glasses or contact lenses, for the first time for as long as I could remember. Fantastic.

The after care was just as good, with a follow up consultation with Mt Habib 24 hours, then 1 week, later.

Initially, I was finding that I felt I needed reading glasses to help at times, but after a few weeks I found myself no longer needing them – thankfully, Mr Habib had told me to just buy some ‘off the shelf’ reading glasses, at the lowest prescription I could find. Even so, some 4 months later, these now seem like a waste of money!

My next follow-up consultation took place after 3 months, at which appointment Mr Habib assured me I had better than 20 / 20 vision – I could read much, much smaller letters on the test chart than I ever thought possible, bottom line and beyond! – and that my eyes were in good shape and everything was looking great.

Of course, everything is looking great as far as I am concerned – waking up in the morning and being able to see ‘normally’ for what seems like the first time in my life; being able to really enjoy scenery when out walking; being able to read traffic signs, notices, shop window displays, all things which people with regular sight take for granted, but which had long been a source of frustration for me. It seems churlish to describe it as ‘life changing’ when ‘all’ I have done is rid myself of glasses and contact lenses, but like so many things, unless you have experienced it, it is hard to describe what a difference it makes.

Do I have any regrets about the surgery? Yes – I wish I had done it years ago!

Keith Lewis

My recent cataract operation was a short painless procedure, done in a relaxed atmosphere. Prior to surgery, my unusual cataract had grown rapidly over a few months reducing my vision to a near sighted blur. The outcome has been beyond my expectations, as I now have my clear vision restored.

Jean Moore

My confidence is coming back after my corneal transplant operation, and I can feel a difference in me. I know there is a long way to go and there could be pitfalls, but I am doing all the right things. The main difference has been light. I am not so light sensitive. Light isn't uncomfortable any more, whereas it was before. The day I realised there was sight, albeit distorted, I walked around with a stupid grin on my face and made numerous phone calls telling people. It's been really quite exciting
It's completely changing my life and I'm quite positive about the future. I'm hoping it will continue to get better, and it certainly seems like that's what happens.
Mr Habib is an exceptional man. He is a very clever man, and he relaxes you.

Maxine Blackman

My decision to go ahead with refractive surgery was taken after two years research. I had decided I wanted a consultant surgeon as I felt their training and experience was invaluable. I also wanted to have the whole procedure carried out by the surgeon from initial consultation, through the operation and follow up appointments. I knew that Mr Habib planned to make the surgery available in Plymouth and decided to wait for this rather than go to London. I also felt more comfortable with the surgery being carried out in a hospital with trained nurses. From my initial telephone call with Mr Habib’s secretary to the medical treatment I received, I was treated very professionally and just as important to me, kindly. At initial consultation my blood pressure was taken and a check for diabetes made. Although I did not have doubts at that stage, if I had, they would have been banished as my medical welfare was being acknowledged.
I had a thorough consultation and Mr Habib was honest about the treatment I would receive and the results likely (in the event, they exceeded my and I think his expectations).

On the day of the operation two nurses looked after my welfare, again checking blood pressure and issuing painkillers and a mild sedative for relaxation and I was aware of everything at all times. The procedure is carried out in a small operating theatre with Mr Habib, the technician operating the laser machinery and two nurses present. As in any operation, the medical staff operate in a totally synchronised and efficient manner.

I was in the theatre for about 25 minutes although the laser treatment itself lasts a few minutes. The remainder of the time is spent in preparation. At all times I had total confidence in the procedure and although I was nervous was also excited and fascinated by the procedure. After a short rest in a darkened room Mr Habib checked that all was well before allowing me home. Dark glasses are provided and I found these were imperative, as my eyes were sensitive to light in the early days. I took Mr Habib’s advice, had a week’s leave from work, and rested. On the second day after the operation I tried to use the computer but after 20 minutes I felt I had overdone things slightly but after a sleep I was fine again. I did not experience any pain or discomfort after the procedure or during the following days but I believe that resting aided my recovery and would recommend this. I also used my eye drops unfailingly.
Having worn glasses and contact lenses since the age of 11 I am amazed at my 20:20 vision and barely a day goes by when I do not wonder at my miraculous new sight.

Dorothy Orr

I had both eyes laser treated on the same day last November so I am now 4 months post op and am absolutely delighted with the results.
The 'operation' was painless and quick, the worst part was all in the mind. The staff were amazing, friendly yet professional. Mr Habib explained everything he was doing and I was talked through the whole procedure which really makes you feel secure and puts you at ease.
Results were instantaneous, as soon as I sat up after the procedure I could see clearly. I was also amazed that there was no pain involved in the treatment. Before treatment I was shortsighted with a prescription of -5.25 in both eyes and had astigmatism, I now have better than 20/20 vision.
I found the whole procedure fascinating and it's great to be able to live without my old glasses and contact lenses - to see clearly as soon as I wake up in the morning and also have the ability to see what's going on around me when I go swimming for example.
If anyone reading this is thinking about having laser eye surgery I would most definitely recommend them having it done. Don’t think about it anymore – just do it!!!

Melody Camp

I would like to let you know the feeling I have of being given a new lease of life by having a phacoemulsification cataract with intra-ocular lens implant operation. I now have excellent long distance vision. I can go out in the rain and warm places without having constantly to clean my glasses, life is so much more less complicated. Your gift is a wonderful thing. Thank you again and again.
I wonder if I will ever stop smiling.

Nina Curtis-Wall

LASIK was nothing to what I expected, as it was a painless operation. The staff within the operating room made me feel comfortable and ensured me that the operation was going well. 
After the operation was a slightly nerve racking time as I was worried if it had worked or not and whether the after effects were going to be painful. Once I came out of the operating theatre my vision was very blurred and my eyes would not stop streaming. The advice given was to go home and sleep for a period of time. I followed the Mr. Habib's advice and woke up the following morning without having the need to wear glasses. Since the operation I have been informed that I have near 20/20 vision, which is a miracle to me as I was a minus 8. I would truly recommend it as benefits far outweigh any negative criticism individuals have heard.

Lara Bevan

Laser eye clinics are not all the same so if you’re going to have corrective surgery, then trust your eyes to the best!” This advice came from my optician who talked me through the options and suggested that Mr Habib, a highly qualified Consultant Ophthalmic & Corneal Transplant Surgeon was the man for the job.
The pre-treatment assessment was thorough and informative, as one of the patients attending the clinic with me could testify after she was rejected as unsuitable for surgery. Although I felt sad for her, this gave me confidence in the process as I had been warned that some clinics might not have the expertise to recognise potential problems and this is not the sort of thing you want to find out after the event!
The laser surgery was less frightening than anticipated. The nursing staff were kind and considerate and Mr Habib and his team were professional and reassuring. I knew what to expect and the actual procedure was over very quickly after which I was startled by the instant improvement in my sight.
Three weeks after my surgery, I open my eyes each day to the magic of a new world. Gone is the frequent fumbling search for my glasses; no more sudden loss of vision from steamed up spectacles. I can see detail in the landscape that I haven’t seen for years and the clarity of vision is an endless surprise. Like many before me, I wish I’d had the courage to take this step years ago as I delight in the freedom brought by my new vision.
Laser eye surgery is a magical transformation and Mr Habib is the magician who changed my life!

Maria Hiscoe

It was in early 1990 I was finally forced to overcome my foolish pride and succumbed to the inevitable good sense of having to wear reading glasses - even though I determined only to wear half glasses! I have to say I never did like the prospect of wearing glasses of any description, the inconvenience of everything about them - except of course they allowed me pretty much perfect reading and close work vision generally. My middle and distance vision remained excellent and for nearly twenty years this remained the case.

A couple of years ago I became aware of some deterioration in my vision generally. The reading glasses were not focusing so clearly. Middle vision was losing sharpness, the television picture seemed less defined and I became aware that I was not seeing so clearly when I was driving which was unsettling. Distance vision was less clear. It was if I was viewing a low-pixel computer image. I visited my optician who recommended new reading glasses and for the first time wear distance glasses. These helped to some extent but there remained a measure of fuzziness. I thought it may be a matter of even stronger lenses needed.

The following year I returned to my optician who advised me the problem was a cataract in my right eye. I decided to wait and see how things developed over the months. Over those months I found that things were not improving, in fact they were noticeably worsening to the extent that by the Spring of 2010 I was unable to read car registration numbers until I was virtually upon them. I returned to the optician in May 2010 to be told that not only that the existing cataract had worsened but also that one was developing in my left eye.

No more procrastination. I determined to rid myself of this affliction. My Aunt advised me to contact Mr Habib who had successfully given new life to her eyes. I read Mr Habib's website and decided indeed he was the surgeon for me. During a thorough and encouraging consultation at the Nuffield, I was more than happy to entrust myself to Mr Habib's care. He carefully explained the types of implant available. One gave top distance vision but I would still need reading glasses; one gave good distance and reading vision, and the third, a very new development would give near top distance and all but the smallest print vision. I chose to go with the latest multi-focal lens, first in the left eye then, if I was happy with that, the right eye. The operations were swift, painless, and amazingly, even only after twenty-four hours, delivered wonderful results. My only concern was a halo affect when bright ran parallel with dark, such as sky and hills.

Over the next weeks things got even better as my brain learnt to work effectively with the lenses, so after a month halos are only rare occurrences and, unbelievably, no glasses remain in this household! The results are truly spectacular, far beyond what Mr Habib had predicted and far beyond for what I had hoped. Top distance, middle, and reading vision - even the smallest of print in the palest of shades. Crisp, sharp, perfectly focussed, vibrant colour and detail.

Thank you for giving me my vision for the future.

Tim Newman

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